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IT Infrastructure

Network & Security

Analysis and report on the status of your networks, servers, workstations, firewalls or routers, including vulnerability checks.

Keep your IT up to date with latest demands of the industry.


vServer Control Panel

Easy Management of your vServers

A simple, fast and secure web based control panel to carry out tasks such as starting, stopping and restarting your servers and many more

vServer Control Panel
vServer Bandwidth Statistics

Why choose Cloud?

Cloud computing—or just “the cloud”—refers to the delivery of on-demand computing resources over the internet on a pay-per-use basis. The technology helps cut down on hardware costs, while simplifying access and processes.

Our goal has always been to find an idea that can improve the world, even if that means making someone’s life a little bit easier, or making a complicated process a bit more convenient. Welcome to Joodle Technologies our groundbreaking IT Startup that’s changing lives, one user at a time.


Reduce capital expenditure on IT Infrastructure today!

vServers allows you the flexibility to 'rent' your IT Infrastructure and at any given moment in the growth of your business it will allow you to incrementally adjust your capacity as and when you need it – pay only for what you use. Built on an infrastructure that is “Cloud Based”, resources are dynamically allocated & dedicated to each vServer

vServers (also known as virtual servers) combine flexibility and guaranteed resources. Almost immediately, you get CPU, RAM and storage with no resource over allocation. You are also the admin user, as you are with a dedicated server. vServers incorporates monthly and annual billing and a number of features such as the ability to add resources without reinstalling. 




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About Us

With South African entrepreneurs and small businesses being under threat due to globalization, multi-national corporations opening shop in South Africa, and combined with unemployment at a shocking all time high, this affects not only our economic growth as a country but also the deep seeded social dynamics of society.

As a proudly South African company, at Joodle we believe in creating employment and business
growth opportunities within our African continent.

Our mission is to understand our customer’s business needs, enabling and supporting them while they focus on their core business offerings. We provide our customers with simplified business and technology
solutions in the complicated world of cloud.


Our vision is to become the market leader in cloud
hosted solutions in Africa.

Our Technology

At Joodle Technologies, our comprehensive technological solutions help industry leading companies and individuals achieve greater success. Our platform has a wide range of products and features that were created with an aim to help businesses focus on their core services. Joodle Technologies is continually building upon its technology, in order to empower businesses to do better.

Our Datacentres

Hetzner Data Centre Park in Samrand, a first for South Africa, replicates Hetzner Online’s award-winning, energy efficient German facilities and is currently our default hosting location. Our data centres in Cape Town have been upgraded to similar technical standards, offering our customers a resilient infrastructure across a choice of locations.

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